Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dear Fall.....

Dear Fall,

You were the best thing that I have ever met in my life. You gave me alot of memories that I could never forget even if I tried. During this time I was really able to see hard work pay off and I haven't had that feeling of my own accomplishment in a long time. From being able to take a vacation to see a part of the world that I never imagined, hanging with celebrities I never thought I would see, having full spread feature of Yellow Boy's in a local magazine, drinking and laughing with my friends & family, and the opportunity to plan something BIG for next year. I am truly blessed and often times sit in amazement and wonder how is this happening to me?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I haven't blogged in a while so it's time to catch up.

I have realized that I have not blogged in a while and realized that I need to get better at this if I plan on building my brand, but sheesh a guy gets tired from time to time lol. As the summer closed out, I must say this has been the most interesting summers ever simply because I started my food cart. Thus far I have been through a lot of up and downs with good times and bad but overall lessons were learned from everything that I went through. The highlight of the summer was when I worked the food cart/truck festival at the end of August. For 6 hours straight me and my brother from another, served hundreds of polish boys to the people of Columbus,OH. I have to say that was one of the longest, most tiring days I have ever experienced in my life and would do it all over again. To have people come and tell you that your food was some of the best food they have had is beyond fulfilling and overwhelming at the same time. This event was the perfect way for me to get my name out there, and I did just that. I felt like a celebrity who was holding a concert and people were waiting in line to buy tickets, yes the line was literally that long. People told me that they waited in line for 45mins to an hour just to get a sandwich. I couldn't believe it and I made sure I thanked every customer who purchased a Polish Boy. The next day I was dead tired, but got my ass up and served at an art show. That day my sister and brother in law drove all the way from Cleveland to help me ( this is why you need a good support system) which was beyond words appreciated!!!!
Now that it's into the fall season I am serving Polish Boys at high school football games, trying to establish a good spot on OSU campus, and still doing special events upon request. This is my dream and I am pushing myself to the max to make something happen for myself.

Keep dreaming and working hard for what you want, sometimes the payoff isn't right away, but it might be down the street and around the corner.

*sidenote* I am sure there are alot of grammatical errors in this post, but don't judge me lol, I refuse to write this as if it is a term paper. Those days and years of my life are over. Be Blessed!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Talking to Strangers

One of the joys that I love about operating a food cart is that I get to do what I do best and thats run my mouth! I will stand there and talk to anyone who is willing to engage in a conversation and you would be surprised of how many people will do the same. Thus far I have met an amazing group of people who have interesting stories. I have met a divorced man who can't stand his ex wife nor daughters, I have met a millionaire, a shy woman who is in her later 50's who is finally breaking out of her comfort zone, a retired railroad worker, club promoters and other various business owners. Meeting all these people makes my job alot easier and more exciting. It helps time pass through the night. I have also learned from just putting yourself out there with strangers you never know who you will meet. In about the 2 month time span that I have been operating, I must say that I have met some amazing people who are willing to help me take my food cart to another level! I have alot of good things in the works more toward the fall season and if you haven't met me, expect to be seeing alot more of me. As for right now, look for me at the Columbus Food Cart Festival Aug 26. This is really going to give me the proper introduction that I need into Columbus to share my greatness with the world!!!

Stay Focused and Patient .

Monday, August 1, 2011

People and your bizness ( business for those who want to be correct)

It's not a bad thing to keep things private about your goals, aspirations or whatever to yourself. This actually gets you very far. You are able to focus, make your own decisions and most of all follow your heart. However it's good to share with those who have your best interest. Im lucky in that light! It's important that you have people surrounded by you who don't mind going through the experience with you just by being there. Starting a new business one thing that I learned is that you will need help. Regardless of how independent you are or a self motivator you will need help. Help with ideas, seeing things from a different perspective and help making it grow. That's the best feeling money could never buy and I thank my support system ( they know who they are) very very much!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Starting your own business

Many people want to start their own business, but many people do not realize the work that goes into it. Take it from me, there are nights where I cannot sleep because I am constantly thinking of how to make my food cart stand out from someone else, different business opportunities and most of all finances. This is not to say that I do not enjoy what I do because I do and this makes me happy but its hard. One of the biggest stresses that you will have to go through if you make the decision to start your own business is PATIENCE.  It's funny because naturally I am a pretty cool and laid back type of guy, but while starting Yellow Boy's Polish Boy's I have realized how impatient I am. I want instant results and did not factor in that there are certain things that I have to wait for like gaining an audience for my business. I instantly thought that when I started that I would have major success on my first try and not to say that I have not had success but I was expecting MAJORRRRRRRRR success lol. In hine sight it was a blessing that I did not achieve the majorrrrrrrrrrrrr success that I was expecting because I learned how to rely more on my faith and God, which are two very important factors to have. Another stress that comes about is finances. You really have to learn how to live a different way, make better spending decisions.  I was so use to blowing money on meaningless things and once your stuck in that mindset its hard to change. Having a business did just that....made me change. Yeah it sucks that you can't do alot of things that you were once use to doing, but who said building your own was EASY, because if they did, they must have been RICH. All in all there are many things you have to be aware of in order to achieve your vision of having a successful business. Patience, Faith, Tenacity, & a Vision are the major things that will determine your success or failure. Hope this helps, and oh... this is not an essay so please no spell check, this is writing from the heart with no proof reading!